Sources & Farms


Using the best quality ingredients is important to us!

We buy our products locally as often as possible to help stimulate our local economy and benefit our local businesses. We use organic produce when it is available and in season. We only use all natural meat without any added hormones or chemicals and we only support ocean friendly seafood. We use sustainable seafood and farms which are not taking a toll on our environment or risking the future of species.

Many foods are packed with beneficial nutrients that promote health and protect your body from the ravages of disease, we Use the Freshest ingredient to keep all this good nutrients intact to benefit you  .

In your Meals Expect no Refined Sugars, no Refined Salts, No Canned Products, no MSG, no Corn Syrup or starch or any corn bi-product, absolutely no Gluten, no preservatives, no chemicals, no additive, no fillers, no Vegetable oil of any kind the only Oil that our chef will allow in the kitchen is OLIVE OIL bottom line just the real good stuff, Etc …

Honesty & integrity in our Product is our Pride & we will never give that up for any Reason.

Chef Giovanni (Founder & CEO) Quote: “After 20 years in the business i’d rather change careers than using ingredients that don’t fit into my standards and belief, We are in the business of making people feel & get better not the other way around”.

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