Our Mission

Ultimate Food Essentials Ideal was created in 2006 as a modern answer to the needs of today’s global healthy food market. A company that understands and offers complete solutions to the demands of the global consumer and to offer a new line of healthy Gourmet food Service to the market.

We are a client oriented company.


The breadth and depth to be a one-step shop provider of all the diversity and quality that UFE has to offer. Providing a great range of Fresh Packaged all Organic Free Range cooked Lunches, Dinners and healthy Snacks. With an exceptional Menu Variety and flexibility that allow us to adapt to the needs of the consumer and ensure that their taste and Preferences are reflected in our products.


We are a young and pioneer company engineered from the Ground up to offer the food market a new vision.


We work closely with our clients to understand and fulfill their needs by providing them complete solutions for everything from quality, packaging, individual preferences to services and satisfaction. The satisfaction of our customers is the success of UFE (Ultimate Food Essentials), our infinite Solutions and Flexible gourmet choices to meet the demands of our clientele.


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